Wednesday, March 28, 2007

musikmesse Frankfurt

On Friday at about 3.00 AM I'm going to Frankfurt, to one of the biggest music fair in Europe. I'll spend most of the time in brass hall. I'm planing to test many mouthpieces, tubas, and other. I will bring home many prospectus and such stuff. I hope I will buy some accessory for tuba. I am going there with friends from wind band Idrija (with car).

Musikmesse Frankfurt - International trade fair for musical instruments, music software and computer hardware, sheet music and accessories.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

New tuba!! Finally!

On Friday I've got a new tuba!! You can check the model info in a few posts behind. It is perfect! I really like it. Sound is amazing and truly symphonic! After we (wind band Idrija) ordered it, it took only 10 days delivery time from Japan!
On Friday we also had a practice. After some playing, conductor said that there is truly a difference in sound. It is true. It has total new color, specially if my sound is combined with Tomaz's sound (co-player - Cerveny tuba).

On photo you can see my new tuba and me in new uniform (I'm brand new :)).

Friday, March 23, 2007

Offtopic: My friend Davorin is gone...

On Saturday my good friend and school mate Davorin Likar (21) and his pal Jurij Uršič (25) went to mountains (Mangart ~ 2500m). A bad weather came (snow, wind, cold), so they were trapped up there for many days. Because of the bad conditions the rescue team could not reach them (photo). On Tuesday they found Jurij Uršič, frozen. They couldn't found Davorin, they suspect he is covered with new fallen snow.

Davorin was always interested in my playing, and in good music generally. He liked my Kar Ces Brass Band very much and always asked when we'll play next.

Davorin, we will miss you. God be with you!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kar Ces Brass Band

KCBB is preparing to strike with a new repertoire! You can expect new stuff like: Round One (Youngblood Brass Band), Brooklyn (Youngblood BB), Kidd Jordan's second line (New Orleans street jazz), Just a little while to stay here (Rebirth BB), Corroro-Branjski-Nikolin Cocek (Boban Markovic), Tebe sam sit kafano, Balaseanca de 8 ore, Kalajdzisko oro,...
You should check at, at tag multimedia-live.places.-Brooklyn.; to know what to expect from us!

University Symphonic Winds Ljubljana (UPOL)

Here are some photos from the one of the practice! UPOL is new formed band, consisted of students of University of Ljubljana. Conductor is Simon Percic, president Marko Sever. Usually there is more of people presented. Practices are every Tuesday and Thursday, from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm (at FDV faculty).

We are soon going to have a meeting party (It's kind of new band!), so we can expect hangover on Friday morning AGAIN.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Am I going to Spain?

Wind band Bohinj invited me and my colleague (euphonium player), to go to Spain in the end of the August. Where or for who we'll be playing? Don't ask me!! I don't really care, I'm there!! I'll get more info soon!

Almost everything ready for IYWO...

After successful audition pass, I've payed the registration fee (120€) and received the official confirmation for joining IYWO 2007 in Ireland in July. Everything is ready, but flight tickets. I guess I'll take the Ryanair from Pula to Dublin.
There will be such fun! Recently I found out, that Krka wind orchestra is also going to the conference. I know many people from Krka, so we'll have some fun together! Even more exited is meeting of many new friends, good musicians!
Check at

Wind band Idrija got new uniforms!

We just received new uniforms. They are the same model as before (photo). They were sponsored by 'Mine in closing Idrija'. Thanks!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ordering a new tuba!

It is time for my old Yamaha YBB321 to retire! My wind band Idrija just ordered a new tuba. It is still Yamaha, but this time it comes from Custom series. The mark is YBB-841 GE. We can expect to receive it in couple of months (until May).


In BBb


4 rotary valves

Handmade bell: Gold brass

450mm (17-3/4")


20,7mm (0,815")



Lacquered; gold brass mouthpipe





Well, this is my first post! I will try to inform you here about everything, that is going on with my music 'career'. Please post comments and of course, encourage me! :)