Monday, May 7, 2007


Yesterday I played with Medvode wind band. We were in Dolina in Trieste. It was a nice experience. We played mostly marches, but it was fun anyway. I played on sousaphone, which is in property of their band (Yamaha). Usually I play on helicon, so it was a little bit different this time. Firstly it has 3 pistons and not 4. Sound is also different (bursting, plastic) and directed in other direction. Second piston also did not run clearly, so it was a little 'harder' to play. Unrenewed homepage, but anyway link:

In previous post I wrote about Morricone. It is a very big coincidence, that we (Wind band Idrija) will play the soundtrack right from that movie (Once upon the...). The title is A moment for Morricone, arr. Johan de Mej. There are two themes from the movie. You can listen one in previous post, the other one is more slowly and with vocal. Our vocal will be a Elvira Hasanagic. She is a very good sopran vocal and she is from Idrija. I think she will be perfect for that song. We will play it at the opening of the Lace Festival on 22/07/07.
Check who is Elvira Hasanagic and Andrej Lazar in video from concert in December 2005! (Con te partiro)

Next weekend I'm going to Komen (near Italy) to intensively exercises for University Symphonic Winds. We will have a concert on 23/05/07 in the hall of FDV faculty. We'll play Queen Symphony.
Everyone invited!

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