Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mouthpiece - mouthpiece + lead pipe

This is the sound comparison of mouthpiece only and with leadpipe added. It is described in few posts behind (link). I was using mouthpiece Perantucci PT-88, helicon Amati leadpipe, and a crap microphone. You can hear that playing with the leadpipe is easyer and tone is louder.


EDIT: Looks like it's something wrong with the link... I will try to repair it.

Monday, June 4, 2007


One of many things I saw at Musikmesse in Frankfurt was also a lips muscle trainer. Click on the first photo for details!! Anyway, I've decided not to order it, but to make it at home. So I took the kitchen ladle, I shaped it, added a little bigger female screw and elastics. See the end result at the photo!

I don't know if it's working like they say (read on first photo), because I don't use it yet. I will inform you with the results. It is probably more suggested for trumpet players, but I'm sure it's useful for us tuba players too.

Small tube on a bell!

If you have a new instrument or if you simply don't have good feeling when you put your instrument on ground (with bell touching it), then you should put this small elastic tube on the bell. From a distance anyone can't even see it. I also don't think that it have any influence on the intonation (maybe it has for smaller brass). I suggest you buy diameter 5 - 7 milimeters, length 2 meters.

My tube on my tuba!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Amati Bb (B-flat) helicon

This is my helicon. I use it for playing in Kar Ces Brass Band and for playing marches in wind bands (instead of sousaphone). It has pretty good sound, although it's intonation is doubtful at the moments. The tuning slides (pipes, tubes) are quite rusted, so I will have to clean and fix it soon. Anyway it's about 35+ years old, so all kind of people played on it. If you are selling a brass sousaphone (not plastic!!), let me know!!