Monday, June 4, 2007


One of many things I saw at Musikmesse in Frankfurt was also a lips muscle trainer. Click on the first photo for details!! Anyway, I've decided not to order it, but to make it at home. So I took the kitchen ladle, I shaped it, added a little bigger female screw and elastics. See the end result at the photo!

I don't know if it's working like they say (read on first photo), because I don't use it yet. I will inform you with the results. It is probably more suggested for trumpet players, but I'm sure it's useful for us tuba players too.


Anonymous said...


I am a trumpet player but I want to offer comment on the Liptrainer advice. One was given to me by another player, and now I can see why. I found the device rather uncomfortable to use. This was not the ususal discomfort that accompanies any exercise. The device pulled the inner side of my upper lip into my teeth; most uncomfortable. I'm going back to the tried and true "pencil exercise," which I've been doing for some time.

Maybe the wooden one you made will work better,so good luck with it. I haven't met any other players yet who have used this. However, I don't think it's something I'm going to pursue.

Rok Sinkovec said...

Hey man! Thanx for the comment.
Did you find out, that the pencil exercise works?