Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yesterday concert!

Yesterday I went to Idrija castle to listen some great musicians. I wasn't disapointed. THIS is comment of TV (video).

Two great concerts with symphony orchestra Simfonika!

Last week I played with Simfonika from Vrhnika again. On Saturday we played in Skofja Loka, on Sunday in Cerkno. We played many famous arias. Our special guest was Janez Lotric. He is world famous tenor opera singer. It was truly amazing! In both events there was about 2500 listeners. You can check the TV comment here (4MB) Second guest was Vera Mlejnik. She sang very well too. The conductor of Simfonika in Marko Fabiani, also the Associate Concertmaster of Symphony Orchestra RTV Slovenia. I think he is very good conductor and musician! Damijan Bogataj was the producer and organizer of these 2 successful concerts. I've played with Simfonika about 6 times before and I hope I will play there again. When someone will publish any good photos from the concert I will publish them too.

Marko Fabiani

Janez Lotric

Vera Mlejnik

Several concerts since last post...

Hm... I must think a little bit...

Green Town Pleh Bend - concert in Bohinj (funny concert)

Wind band Idrija - funeral of trumpet player Ludvik Cibej
- playing for Slovene Liberation Front in Vojsko

Simfonika - Skofja Loka, Cerkno

Kar Ces Brass Band - Sebrelje picnic

Franci Vidmar Brass B. - Trnovšne picnic (Hahaha...)
Franci Vidmar Quartet - several (non)public rehersals (HAHAhaa...)

...and others