Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Plans in next few days...

Today: instrument lesson, march concert (wind band Idrija), rehearsals

More this week: instrument lessons, rehearsals and recording solo for trombone & wind band (I'm getting sentimental - wind band Idrija), recording video, rehearsals with KCBB, rehearsals with UPOL, High School symphonic orchestra...

Next week: rehearsals and concert UPOL, rehearsals and concert with guys from AG (music academy)- Academic symphonic orchestra, many more rehearsals...

Program for UPOL concert:

A. Reed: Armenian Dances
A. Khachaturian:Waltz
Nad mestom se dani, vozi me vlak: J. Privšek, N. Bečan
D. Amram: En memoria de chano poso
Tolga Kashif: Queen symphony (inserts)

Concert will be on 1/10/2007 at about midday in center of Ljubljana

Another Youngblood BB video!

At youtube.com there was a new video published about week ago. It's not new (2005), but it is interesting to watch anyway. The festival where they played is called Big Chill. If you look carefully, you can see that every percussion player has his own cymbal. So, when the 'refrain' arrives they really find expression in it. I also like very original beginning and the solo(s) of the trombone player. Thing I don't like is saxophone solo. Not because of saxophone player, but because of missing tuba solo. I understand that present tuba player can't replace Nat Mcintosh just like that, but he could try anyway. Even these days, they still play Brooklyn without that tuba solo. What a pity!