Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Plans in next few days...

Today: instrument lesson, march concert (wind band Idrija), rehearsals

More this week: instrument lessons, rehearsals and recording solo for trombone & wind band (I'm getting sentimental - wind band Idrija), recording video, rehearsals with KCBB, rehearsals with UPOL, High School symphonic orchestra...

Next week: rehearsals and concert UPOL, rehearsals and concert with guys from AG (music academy)- Academic symphonic orchestra, many more rehearsals...

Program for UPOL concert:

A. Reed: Armenian Dances
A. Khachaturian:Waltz
Nad mestom se dani, vozi me vlak: J. Privšek, N. Bečan
D. Amram: En memoria de chano poso
Tolga Kashif: Queen symphony (inserts)

Concert will be on 1/10/2007 at about midday in center of Ljubljana

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