Monday, March 31, 2008

Tim Reynish video

(One of) My favourite specialist for wind bands! He will be one of three conductors at Canford Summer School of Music, which I am going to attend.

More at his web-site

Sunday, March 30, 2008

UPOL (student) concert photos!

Photos by Iztok Zupan

More photos here!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Queen Symphony recordings (UPOL)

Last year we played a Queen Symphony, writen by Tolga Kashif. Finally, the recordings are published. Please check them!

Yesterday we had also a nice concert with UPOL. Many students came to listen us. I hope we will get few new members.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

UPOL (student) concert

Tommorow (at 19:30) we will have a concert with UPOL for students in Ljubljana (FDV hall).
I special like the arrangment of Nessun dorma (by Ellerby) and first symphony ever written (Military Symphony).


Military Symphony in F: Francois Joseph Gossec
Waltz: Aram Khachaturian
Nessun dorma: G. Puccini: arr. Martin Ellerby
Queen simfonija: T. Kashif (1st mvt.)
Stars and Stripes Forever: John P. Sousa arr. R. William
Strike up the Band: George Gershwin arr. Peter Kleine Schaars
Slovenec sem: Gustav Ipavec; arr. T. Tomšič
Stani: O. Naber, S. Zvezdić; arr. M. Simić
Rap 4 You: Nejc Bečan

Monday, March 10, 2008

Summer plans...

This summer I'm probably going to visit two "courses". One will be in UK and the other one in Poland.

Playing in Symphonic Wind Orchestra with many young talents from all over the Europe/world. Very famous conductors like Tim Reynish, Philip Scott and Mark Heron. I received funds from Hidria to cover the expenses for it!! This is the repertoire:

Sallinen - Palace Rhapsody
Roxburgh - Elegy for Ur
Sparke - Dance Movements
Binney - Master Humphrey's Clock (Complete)
Wilby - Laudibus in Sanctis
Bailey - Chasses Musicales
Roxburgh - Aeolian Carillons
Schuller - Nature's Way
Kanchelli - Magnum Ignotum

Żywieckie Suwakowanie
More like masterclass for trombones and tubas. Also playing in huge low brass group. There will be big names like Zoltan Kiss from Mnozil Brass, Paul Krzywicki from Philadelphia Orchestra and many others. I found out for it through my friend from Poland Mateusz Lupinski! He will be there too and maybe even Humberto P. from Spain!!!

New profile photo!

I've added the new photo of me today. I think it is better than previous. The photographer was Robert Zabukovec. His camera is really, really nice... Photo below is commpresed by blogspot, but it is still in very good quality (click). :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kidd Jordan's second line LIVE

About week and a half ago we (KCBB) played at Metelkova - Club Chanell Zero (ch0). I really enjoy playing at clubs with our band. Everything was very good, except there was too little of tuba in the speakers and monitors. I tried to tell that to the "tone master", but nothing helped. I agree, in most cases tuba is just a background instrument, but not at music like for ex. Youngblood Brass Band. I know we would need our own "t. master", but anyway, it happens to many times that t.m. is much smarter than performers. In next video my playing is mostly only background, but imagine the same volume for hit "Brooklyn". Crap.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

First birthday of my Tuba blog!

Today is exactly one year since my first post. I will spend this post for some of the statistics, achievements and for plans for future!

Why did I start?
Just for fun and joke, but then many people asked me to continue writing this diary...

Basic statistics:

-58 posts
-2000+ visitors

One of the biggest achievements of my blog is certainly the appearance at the home page of one and the only one Timothy Reynish!

-Wey Rok!!
Congratulations for your tuba blog!! It´s amazing to know people who writes very interesting things about what they do.
Thank you very much for your work!!!
Very good.

by Humberto Pailos

-I like very much, too, your tuba blog.
Please keep reminding me of the tuba blog, for there is always something
very interesting on it.

by John Alden Stanley

-Sem pa danes slučajno brskala po internetu in našla tudi tvoj blog! Super je in...

by Helena Tusar

-I was led to remember our negotiations when browsing through a website of Rok Sinkovec, a tuba player who was a member of the International Youth Wind Orchestra in Killarney. His site is full of information on the Slovenian scene, and a reminder of what WASBE achieves in bringing us all together.

by Tim Reynish

-Well, well. Just checked your blog - why didn't you tell me about it earlier? =) Very good. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

by Sonja Bencina

-Oh by the way, I checked out your blog. The videos are amazing! You did a very great job on the Curnow and the band sounds very good too! Inspires me to keep practising my tuba...

by Aaron Yong

My intention is to inform the world about the Slovenian music/band scene and to meet even more young (brass) players from all over the world! Help me with that! :)