Monday, March 10, 2008

Summer plans...

This summer I'm probably going to visit two "courses". One will be in UK and the other one in Poland.

Playing in Symphonic Wind Orchestra with many young talents from all over the Europe/world. Very famous conductors like Tim Reynish, Philip Scott and Mark Heron. I received funds from Hidria to cover the expenses for it!! This is the repertoire:

Sallinen - Palace Rhapsody
Roxburgh - Elegy for Ur
Sparke - Dance Movements
Binney - Master Humphrey's Clock (Complete)
Wilby - Laudibus in Sanctis
Bailey - Chasses Musicales
Roxburgh - Aeolian Carillons
Schuller - Nature's Way
Kanchelli - Magnum Ignotum

Żywieckie Suwakowanie
More like masterclass for trombones and tubas. Also playing in huge low brass group. There will be big names like Zoltan Kiss from Mnozil Brass, Paul Krzywicki from Philadelphia Orchestra and many others. I found out for it through my friend from Poland Mateusz Lupinski! He will be there too and maybe even Humberto P. from Spain!!!

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Erina said...

Ohhh the lower brass masterclass looks interesting!