Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please support Royal Swedish Navy Band!

The Royal Swedish Navy Band is in danger of being discontinued because of financial cutbacks in the Swedish Armed Forces. This outstanding ensemble, formed in 1685, is the last professional military band in Sweden. The band would like to ask for help from WASBE members. You can go to their web site where you will find a simple form with which you can add your name to their support list.


By now, I am the only one from Slovenia, who signed into support list. I hope for better support from us now (and others of course too). I had signed in about 3 weeks ago. For those who think that it does not exist anymore, I must correct them, that they still exist (they are just in danger!). They were officialy formed in 1685, just 20 years after our Wind band Idrija (1665). So, they are almost the oldest wind band in Europe.

Check out the "JAG theme" preformed by them:

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