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Wind Orchestra of Latin America

Orquesta Latinoamericana de Vientos, OLV 2009
May 30 - Jun, 2009
Manizalez, Colombia

The Wind Orchestra of Latin America (OLV) is a prestigious symphonic band of 60 instrumentalists of the highest musical level along with two young directors selected from all Latin American. The Wind orchestra will be an annual event with the first appearance of honor during the 15th Yamaha International Seminar of Bands June 3 – 5, 2009 in Manizalez, Colombia with the support of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE). The OLV will be convened between May 30 and June 6, 2009 for rehearsals and musical development.

The call for the instrumentalists is directed to musicians between 17 and 24 years of age and for conductors and directors between 20 and 30 years as of June 3, 2009. The OLV is open for all musicians from all countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

In order to audition, each applicant must send a recording (mp3, WAV or video preferably on YouTube) that contains the required compositions which demonstrates his/her technical and interpretive level.

Every applicant must send by e-mail to the recordings and/or the link of the YouTube video of the required repertoire. Alternatively, applicants may send a DVD to the following address: Yamaha Music Latin America, S.A., Post office address (mailing address) 0823-05863, City of Panama, Republic of Panama.

The results of the auditions will be published on February 1, 2009 on and in the online group OLV - 2009 in Facebook.

The Artistic Director: Glenn Price: President, World association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE)

The registration for successful applicants is 100 US Dollars. This
amount covers local transportation, hotel (rooms of multiple
accommodation), and all meals from dinner on May 30, 2009 until
breakfast on June 6, 2009. Each person accepted will be responsible for
transportation to and from Manizales from his/her location or origin.

Benefits for OLV Members:
·Musical development and performances at the artistic highest level working with internationally distinguished conductors and soloists.
·Certificate of participation.
·Recognition in the Concert printed program and in other publicity provided by Yamaha Latin America and WASBE.
·Players of woodwind instruments will receive an endowment of González cane reeds for the event.
·An attractive shirt, T-shirt and cap all with the logo of OLV - 2009.
·A discount of 10 – 15 % to purchase Yamaha musical instruments, mouthpieces, accessories, cleaning kits and lubricants in Authorized local distributors.

December 31 - Deadline for applications with required recordings, videos and prescribed documents, preferably sent via electronic mail.
February 1 - Publication of the results in and in
March 17 - Deadline of payment of all required fees. The applicants that have not met this requirement will lose the right to participate and his place there will join the instrumentalists who are a waiting list. In no case there will be refund of registration fees. The repertoire that will be interpreted will be sent at a later date via email.
For not Colombian admitted assistants they will have to send his electronic ticket expressed until May 1 otherwise they will lose right to participate. There will not be in any case return of money and reservations of flights will not be accepted.

Decision by the jury is final and not open to appeal.

Musical materials required for audition:
The obligatory repertoire for every instrument must contain two contrasting works such as:

One Latin American work composed, arranged, and/or adapted for the musical instrument, from two to five minutes duration, with or without accompaniment. An original selection (from two minutes to five minutes duration).

Three scales: The major scale with more than four sharps, a harmonic minor with more than 4 flats, and a chromatic scale. The major and minor scales must be played in two octaves, in rhythm of eighth notes and at a speed of quarter note = 100 beats per minute. The chromatic scale must be for two octaves beginning from the note that the applicant chooses, in rhythm of triplets and at a speed of quarter note = 76. In three scales it is necessary to ascend staccato and to descend legato.

Instruments of the OLV - 2009
Flute and piccolo
Clarinets (Eb, Bb, Alto, Bass)
Oboe and English horn
Saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone)
French Horn
Double bass

Those applying for the two director/conductor positions must submit:
A proposal of the applicant of four contrasting works to be conducted if they are selected. A video of not less than 10 minutes and not more than 14 minutes of duration of the applicant conducting segments – in the case that the works exceed the time the video – of two of these works.

Major reports:

Event summoned and realized for: Yamaha Music Latin America, S.A.,
Musical Yamaha of Venezuela and Argentina
Incolmotos – Yamaha, S.A of Colombia
El Programa de Bandas Estudiantiles de Música del Departamento de
Caldas, Colombia

Institutions and persons who support OLV – 2009:
Maestros: Glenn Price (Canadá), Luis Julio Toro and Miguel Rugtiliano (Venezuela), Jorge Cerda y Carlos Uribe (Chile), Nixon Bustos and Victoriano Valencia (Colombia), Marcelo Jardim (Brasil).

Institutions and musical groups:
Proyecto Sopro Novo - Yamaha Musical Do Brasil
University of Calgary, Canada
University of Wisconsin – Superior, United States of America.
Corporacion Concurso Nacional de Bandas Musicales de Colombia,
CORBANDAS - Colombia
Cuarteto de Clarinetes de Caracas.- Venezuela
Son Sax de Costa Rica
Festival de Saxofones de Buenos Aires
Cuarteto Phoenix de Fagotes de Costa Rica
Universidad de Costa Rica
Banda Sinfónica de Filosofía de Buenos Aires Argentina

Musical industry:
Ludwig Master Publications – United States
Score Musical - Colombia
Commerce specializing in music:
González Reeds– Argentina.
Magno – Guatemala
Bansbach, Musical Instruments of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Productos Superiores – Supro, Panamá.
Almacenes Juan Eljuri - Ecuador
Music Market - Perú
Micheo Music – Puerto Rico
Fernando Giraldez – República Dominicana.
South American Wind instruments technitians Network - Yamaha

Major reports:

Juan Guillermo Ramirez Y.
Gerente de Ventas y Mercadeo
Yamaha Music Latin America, S.A

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