Monday, December 29, 2008

Fresh brass music released!

Check our new songs! Recorded just a month ago!

1. Sanja Samba (Boban Marković)
2. Disco Jumbus (Boban Marković)
3. Round one (Nat Mcintosh)
4. Brooklyn (Nat Mcintosh)
5. Get out da way (Youngblood Brass Band)

I was recording with my YBB-841.

Here are also some photos from the studio! Hope you'll enjoy our music!


Mike Bynum said...

Nice to see this blog, and even nicer to know that there is new good music being written for brass quintet. I am a former trombone player and I understand!

Rok Šinkovec said...

Huh? Looks like spam...

Jason K. said...
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Jason Koi said...

Hey Rok! Nice job on the recording, you guys sound great! Keep it up!

luv yur tuba said...

great music! is this a band you are a part of? are the names in parenthesis the original composers or the names of the bands?

Great Job!

Rok Šinkovec said...

Yes, of course I play there! The names beside are original composerss yes.