Monday, October 26, 2009

Piece for your low brass section - ensemble!

Hey there again! This piece I'm offering you (4 free), is perfect one to learn your band colleagues how to work (specially) on intonation, dynamics and tone production! Or perhaps even the most important thing. To listen each other! If you would like to play this piece, please contact me through email for PDF parts! (1st, 2nd Euphonium, Trombone, 1st, 2nd Tuba)

Download my MIDI here!!!!!

Uspavanka Za Evo, Andrej Šifrer, arr. Rok Šinkovec


Slončica said...

Ej, sam Sibelius pa zglia na zna triol špilet ... nardi kar ene čudne sinkope. ;)

Rok Šinkovec said...

Haha, ja eni sa inovativni, nimaš kej... Bi se lohk še kej nauču od neh...